Have a Great Time With Our Team Building Options


To build a team in Texas you need the creativity of Tex Schramm, the patience of Tom Landry and the fun loving spirit of Dandy Don Meredith. With that in mind, we have put together unique TEAM BUILDING options for real Texans and visiting Yankees alike, with real Texas sized fun built into every challenge.

Teams can be pre-selected before the event, chosen at the event by pre-selected captains or selected at random. Once the teams are established and each team has chosen a Team Captain and a Team Name, the TEAM BUILDING fun begins.

Some of the TEAM BUILDING options we offer are:

  • Teams move as a group from game to game, encouraging one another while adding points to the scoreboard in Texas Midway Games such as Snuffleboard, Shoot the Can, Chick-Tac-Toe, Cow Chip Shuffleboard and Jail Break.

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  • Using our existing Team Building formats, Give Back Games customizes your organizational generosity based on your preferences. Scoring is changed to accommodate such gifts as supplies to seniors, canned goods to food banks, clothing to shelters or other necessities for your preferred charitable organization.


  • In one of the only team building activities you can eat, each team will be given the same basic ingredients to make a boring burger or boring pot of chili. While some team members are tasked as chefs, the remaining team members will compete in Texas Backyard Midway Games to earn tickets to purchase additional ingredients from Bubba’s General Store and Bait Shop, to enhance the burger or chili. Judges for the final product can be chosen from the attendees or provided by our staff.
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  • This is an exercise that combines the frivolity of Texas Backyard Midway with the creativity challenge of the hit show, “Project Runway,” and the laughter and show elements created from an episode of “America’s Next Top Model.” Each team will receive a box of tools, materials, clothing and “bling” from which they will create a Cowboy or Rock Star costume for a model, while playing Texas Midway Games to earn coupons to purchase extra materials and tools to enhance their creations and to add some signature style to the costumes. The creativity of the group really shines during the runway portion of the competition.
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  • In order for a band to be successful, the entire group has to work together. I’M WITH THE BAND Team Building takes teams through some of the ups and downs of becoming a hit-making musical act.
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  • Using stopwatches as the teams’ only equipment and participating in exercises that test teams’ internal clocks, teams play such games as Deadline, Just a Quick Introduction, and I Can Only Give You a Minute, and find out exactly how well they manage their time in this one-hour competition. We can even provide branded stopwatches as a give-away for the participants.
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  • With balsa wood airplane kits and paper for making paper airplanes, teams compete in games such as Touch and Go, Smooth Landing and Stewardess Shuffle in a team building event that uses the skills they’ve learned at 20,000 feet and is sure to get team spirit soaring.
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  • Using the ubiquitous cell phones carried by participants, teams are given a list of Texas Scavenger Hunt items and hashtags. All teams will have an opportunity to locate and photograph such Texas treasures as armadillos, longhorns and bluebonnets, to pose as a group in Texas related scenarios, and to seek out other fun and exciting photo subjects.
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  • Good times and laughter build teams much faster than brain teasers and ropes courses. Our TEAM BUILDING options provide an event that is fun and interesting, and unlike anything your group has done before.