Taste the Flavor of Texas Through Our Dry Rub

In Texas, barbeque is a performance art. Pit masters in Texas often have more fans than our hockey teams, and those pit masters only have one goal in mind…delectable meats smoked deeply and slowly to achieve the perfectly tender and tasty barbeque that the state is known for all over the world. Every great barbeque starts with a dry rub of spices mixed into a blend of elements that may be sweet, hot, or savory, or a combination of any of these elements.

Now under the watchful eyes and shared experiences of our TEXpert staff, your guests can create, mix and build their own Texas Dry Rub and have a little bit of Texas to take home for their next foray out to the backyard grill or smoker. After extensive research into rubs from around the Lone Star State, we have created a station for the making, mixing and packaging of your guests’ own variation of a Texas Rub that will act as part souvenir, part culinary education and full time enhancement to any meat your “Visiting Backyard Grill Master” is putting on the dinner table.

Each station consists of a TEXpert spice mixologist, 15 to 18 spices, measuring spoons, funnels, bowls, and a tin to allow guests to pitch their rub right into their suitcases for the trip home. The attractive souvenir tin is perfectly designed to allow for underwriter thank yous, corporate marks or event logos to be affixed directly to the clear plastic “viewing window” to remind guests of this unique Texas experience. We are sure this TEXpert station at your next event will rub you the right way!