What better way to experience the flavor of Texas than with a totally (virtual) Texas party? Our TEXperts can provide your group with an authentic experience they will never forget, all from the comfort of their own video-conference location.

It just don’t get more Texas than ‘dillos! Nine-banded armadillos are "steered" down the track by "jockeys.” Much like a horserace, viewers can “bet” on the winning armadillo. The TEXpert Armadillo Handlers will provide a brief introduction about the races, and will be available for the duration of the event time to answer questions (and believe me, there will be questions aplenty about the fascinating State mascot). Your virtual guests will be surprised and delighted with ARMADILLO RACING providing lots of laughs and tall tales. Don’t need a whole Armadillo Race? You can just invite an armadillo to your video conference. Speed Bump would love to hang out for a little while, running around and eating his favorite dinner – earthworms! We can even make it a contest and see which dillo can eat worms the fastest.

Here's an activity that's sure to ruffle some feathers - chicken feathers, that is. Participants choose numbers at random, then those numbers coordinate with squares on a large game board. Via video stream, a live chicken "selects" the winning square by dropping her unique mark on the game board. Chicken Sh*t Bingo is a sure bet to crack up your guests - where Number 2 is Number One and Turd Place is always a winner.

The CRAWFISH RACES are on! Specially marked crawfish are placed on a round table and race to the edge to see who gets off the table first. Winners are released to "stud" in an East Texas stock pond.

Let’s go FISHING! Your video conference participants can take a fishing trip to a private fishing hole and join a fishing tournament. With bobbers in the water, your participants can bet on the fishing poles in a derby-style betting system. Points are awarded for the most fish caught, the first fish, the last fish and the biggest fish.

Give your guests a little piece of Texas during your video conference with a LIVE LONGHORN as a conference member.

For completely awestruck virtual party goers, a TRICK ROPER or BULLWHIP ARTIST is classic cowboy entertainment. A GAMBLER MAGICIAN will outsmart your guests at cards and amaze them with close-up table magic. For those whose futures are unclear, KATHRYN the MYSTIC COWGIRL can enlighten and astound using Tarot cards and, palm reading and lipstick reading – all with her Texas charm.

No party is complete without music. We offer a full range of SINGERS, BANDS and MUSICIANS to give your virtual guests a private concert via your video conference site. We have Swing Bands and Dance Bands for guests who like to scoot a boot. For serenading, we have Mariachi Bands and Quartets. From singer-songwriters to full stage bands, if you have music needs, we can fulfill them.

Get your virtual guests up and moving with a professional LINE DANCE INSTRUCTOR or a DANCE PERFORMANCE. From the Texas Two Step to the Can-Can, western dancing is a sure-fire way to get your virtual party guests up on their feet and moving to a happy beat.

With breweries, distilleries and vineyards from El Paso to Texarkana and from Amarillo to Brownsville, Texas has a drink for every glass. For visitors to our great state, and residents who don’t get out much, our DRINKIN’ TEXAS tasters can help determine which libation is the right one to wet their whistles. These TEXperts can explain the subtle differences between three or four different Texas spirits.

Treat your team to real Texas cowboy hats. We're not talking about hats that make everyone look like Howdy Doody; we're talking about hats that your guests will keep forever. LONE STAR LIDS run the gamut between faux straw and felt cowboy hats in universal sizing to a real deal, high quality fitted hat. Each hat will be individually shipped directly to your guests. We can also provide a hat-shaping lesson to give your guests a sense of TEXpert style and individuality.

Though we’re not making saddles or boots, with TEXAS LEATHERCRAFT GIFTS our TEXperts can personalize coasters, luggage tags or key fobs to give your virtual guests an authentic piece of handcrafted Texas.

What do Lockhart Smokehouse, Franklin Barbecue and 4-T's Bar-B-Q have in common? They are all in the Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas, and they all use a Dry Rub to season their meats. In one of the few virtual activities you can eat, each guest will receive a package of spices and a tin for storing their creation. A master BBQ TEXpert will join the virtual call and provide some helpful hints to help your participants make their own little bit of Texas flavor.

Don’t have time for another Team Building about your problem solving skills? Social Distancing doesn’t allow for falling backwards into the arms of another person to learn to trust them? No ropes course available in a video chat? Here is the perfect Team Building that involves laughter, gives folks a chance to learn a little bit about each other and breaks the ice; and frankly, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” By using stopwatches as the teams’ only equipment and participating in exercises that test teams’ internal clocks, we have finally found the short and sweet team builder that won’t be a waste of time.

We love to share Texas with everyone across the world. A sunflower kit will let your guests GROW TEXAN and give them a little piece of Texas to brighten their day. Each of your virtual guests would receive a package with seeds and a planter. You can all watch your sunflowers grow each week with updates from the planter.

We love to share Texas with everyone across the world. A bluebird house kit will let your guests BUILD TEXAN and give them a little piece of Texas to brighten their day. Each of your virtual guests would receive a package with tools and materials to build their own bluebird house. A master TEXpert builder will join the virtual call and provide instructions to help your participants make their own little Texas bluebird home.

Do you have a hankerin’ to be a cowboy, but are lacking in ropin’ and wranglin’ skills? Well, COWBOY COLLEGE will give you just the training you need. Authentic cowboys and specialized TEXperts teach such basics as knot tying and stick whittling, as well as more advanced skills like calf roping and chuckwagon cooking. Students of COWBOY COLLEGE can work toward an undergraduate degree with several classes in a few hours, or spend a whole day working on their PhD. COWBOY COLLEGE is completely customizable to fit your group, your timeframe, your budget and your virtual meeting.

Let us help you put together a package that will guarantee a memorable TEXpert experience for your next virtual event. We can custom design your package to accommodate the size of your party, the size of your budget and your presentation media.