Production Services


The Sparks Agency produces events.  It really doesn't matter what it takes to produce the show, our job has been and always will be to be certain that the show is technically perfect.  That's why important events turn to The Sparks Agency to be sure that everything happens the way it is supposed to...perfectly.  We provide sound, lights, video, image magnification, pipe and drape, staging and all other services needed to make certain that your event is flawless.


Tent Erection


A production service has more to it than the basics listed above.  We have provided tents, port-a-lets, confetti cannons, balloon drops, teleprompters, sign language interpreters, handicapped accessible stages, dance floors, rope and stanchions, moving lights, gobos, parade permits, tents for motorcades, street closings, special event permits, pyrotechnics and fireworks, barricades, advance work with Secret Service or other emergency service personnel and have even overseen the mowing, clean-up and insect spraying at outdoor event sites.

Inside Tent
Sound, Seating, Effects

We treat event production services like we do all of our services.  We ask you the goals and purposes of your event, and then we prescriptively provide the services you require to make your event work for you.  That attitude is what has kept us providing production services to the Annual Meeting of the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce since 1992.